Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – The Best Makeup Remover?

I have to say that for a long time I had been using a cleansing lotion to remove my makeup. Nothing specific, just any lotion which wasn’t too expensive and worked well. I thought this was my only option as I don’t like using face wipes..well occasionally when I am really tired or lazy I use them, but I feel bad about it and the next day after using wipes I do my full cleaning process from scratch. I didn’t like the feeling left on my face after using a cleansing lotion or wipes so I decided to expand my research to micellar waters. I wasn’t too excited about it before I started using them, but what choice did I have? I had to give them a go. First I tried L’Oréal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. Did I like it? It was better than my cleansing lotion and any other product I had used. One day I went to Boots and they were out of stock, I really needed something! I put my hands on Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This was meant to be! I have been using it since then, this year we had our second anniversary 🙂


This cleansing water comes in a nice looking plastic bottle. The cap is well built, you don’t waste any drop of water. The bottle contains 400ml of the product and costs only 4.53 euro in Boots. It’s a bargain! On the bottle it says 400ml = 200 uses based on 2ml per cotton pad. From my own experience I can say it lasts me about 2months. That’s a long time especially when I use it everyday and really generous amount of product goes onto my cotton pads. If you think 400ml bottle is too big for you, there is some good news – you can get it in 125ml bottle too! Isn’t it handy?


As I mentioned before, I use it everyday. This is my first step in cleaning my face. Then I move onto the Clinique 3 Step Dry Combination Collection (I can’t say anything about it yet as I only started using it, but I will review the products next month or so) and my Remington Reveal FC1000 Cleansing Brush, which I love! I know some of you girls use Garnier Micellar Water at the end of your cleaning process to make sure it’s all done and dusted 😉 It is a great idea as well so you do it the way you like it! I soak a cotton pad with it and then massage my face gently. Then I take another soaked cotton pad and hold it for a few seconds on my eyelid to help remove my mascara. I don’t rub my eyes as I don’t think I would look flattering without my eyelashes 😀 I don’t think this product is enough to remove any waterproof mascara, but it’s not like I use them everyday. But enough talking, lets see how it works with my ‘hard to get rid of’ eyeliner.

Test 5

So how does it work? The producer says: ‘Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is hypoallergenic, removes makeup (wow!), cleanses, soothes and no rinsing needed. It is for face, eyes and lips as it doesn’t contain perfume’. Do I agree? YES. It doesn’t leave me with raccoon eyes, although Halloween is coming so this could be a good idea 😀 The consistency is like water, doesn’t leave a greasy layer. It is quick and simple to use, no breakouts and no dryness. My eyes are very gentle and it is easy to irritate them – it never happened to me while using this micellar water. It does the magic!

Let me know what is your opinion about it. How do you remove your makeup? Is there any other makeup remover you would recommend? I am definitely going to purchase the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water again! Thanks for staying with me and talk to you soon!


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