The best highlighters I have ever had – MUR, Catrice, Seventeen and BECCA Jaclyn Hill

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Hi there! I hope you are all as excited about this coming festive season as I am! I love winter because everything looks totally different than in any other time of the year! Cities are magical and full of decorations, beautiful lights, christmas trees and people in a festive mood. I can’t wait until we have all the decorations out in Dublin, Grafton Street looks so beautiful every year ♥ All the lights make me want to shine as well, so I found my own way to look glowy and beautiful, not only in the christmas time but whole year round.

I am talking about my favourite highlighters which make me look fresh as if I just slept for 8 hours 🙂 In my collection you can find a lot of different shades and different prices! I am sure you will put your hands on some of them… that’s if you haven’t already 😉 I will show you MUR Vivid Baked Highlighter in a shade Golden Lights and Peach Lights, MUR Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter, Catrice Illuminating Highlighter Pen, Seventeen Instant Glow Gold Bronze and BECCA Champagne Pop. Have a quick look and see if you can guess which one is which. Let me know in the comments below!


First I will tell you about my favourite liquid highlighter – Catrice Illuminating Highlighter Pen (first from the left) . I only discovered this beauty a couple of weeks ago and I have already fallen in love with it. The packaging says ‘liquid silver-pink highlighter that creates a radiant complexion and a silky-soft glow’ – I totally agree. It is gorgeous, I would say more silver than pink, highlighter which comes in a black pen with rose gold ends. This little, pricey looking packaging hides 3.5 ml of the product for just as little as €4.00. It’s a bargain! The consistency is very creamy, this helps with applying the product on your cheeks, Cupid’s bow and under your eyebrows. A small amount really goes a long way so apply it with a light hand! It gives me a radiant complexion with a silky-soft shimmer but at the same time doesn’t make me look like Elsa from Frozen. Some bloggers say that this is a dupe for Benefit’s High Beam, which costs about €25.00, do you agree? There are many ways of applying the Illuminating Highlighter Pen. You can use it after your moisturiser and then apply your foundation, or simply on your foundation. If you like to put your foundation on top of the highlighter, tap the foundation on your skin to avoid spreading of the highlighter on your whole face. Whichever way you prefer just remember not to apply it on powders as it won’t look flattering.

Catrice Highlighter Pen

Catrice Highlighter Pen2

The next highlighter I want to show you is also great and affordable. This is the Makeup Revolution Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter. First I bought it because of the cute cardboard packaging and a great price £4.99 for 10g of the product, but then I realised how good this stuff really is! The shade is so different than a typical highlighter as it is a gorgeous pinky/purple shade, but don’t worry it won’t make you look funny.This is a part of MUR I♥Makeup collection which is so adorable and cheap. The MUR Triple Baked Highlighter comes in three different shades: Goddess of Love, Faith and Golden Goddess. I will definitely buy the other two as well just to check if they are as good as my fav Goddess of Love! It’s supposed to be a dupe for Too Faced Sweethearts, but I never had the Too Faced highlighter so I can’t tell you if it is the truth. As this is a powder product, the best way is to apply it on your foundation. I always do it at the end when I have my bronzer and blush done. It looks amazing and makes my face look fresh all day.

Goddess of Love

The next two highlighters which I love are also from Makeup Revolution. These are the Vivid Baked Highlighters in Peach Lights and Golden Lights, each for £3.00. You can notice on the swatches that the shade Peach Lights (third from the left) is very similar to the Goddess of Love (second from the left), so if you would like to get them I would recommend buying one, depends on which packaging you like more. However, the Golden Lights is a very beautiful yellow/gold shade. It looks beautiful not only on my cheeks, but also in the corners of my eyes to give them a little bit of life. The packaging is made of a good quality plastic with a see-through top so you can easily see what colour it is when you are looking for it. These highlighters are beautiful and totally different than the rest of my highlighters. Have a look at the picture below to see the texture of them. Thanks to the prints it is easier to get some of the powder on your brush as it is not going through a flat surface. Once I apply any of these two highlighters, it stays in place for the rest of the day.

Peach LightsGolden Lights


Moving on to golden shades I can’t ignore Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in the shade Gold Bronze (the first on the right). This is a beautiful, good quality highlighter for only €6.99 in Boots and selected stores. It has 4 different colours in one so you can either mix all of them together or just pick the one you are in a mood for. This is actually the first product I have ever bought from this brand. I saw it on the shelf, tried it on my cheek and had to take it home. It comes in two shades: Gold Bronze and Pink Bronze. I have been using the Gold Bronze for the last couple of months, but now I am planning to buy the Pink Bronze for the winter. I think that the natural pink glow will look beautiful on my pale skin. The matte black packaging looks very nice, nothing you have to hide from your friends…well unless they keep using your highlighter 🙂


And last but not least is the gorgeous BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Champagne Pop (the second on the right). This is made by one of my favourite YT Jaclyn Hill (she is so good at makeup! Go and check out her channel if you haven’t already. You will have fun and you will learn a lot at the same time). Champagne Pop is very pricey, $38.00 in Sephora, but worth every penny. The packaging is the same as the rest of BECCA’s highlighters have, very good quality little mirror and definitely stands out from the rest of my highlighters. The formula is enriched with ultrafine luminescent pearls that absorb, reflect, and refract light. It looks so beautiful on my cheeks that I can never stop using it. I add a little bit on my eyes and sometimes even on my lips on the top of a lipgloss. If you are thinking about buying this highlighter you need to hurry as this is exclusive and limited edition! Thanks for reading and I will talk to you soon xoxo



What is your favourite highlighter? Have you tried any of the highlighters I recommend? 

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