Top brushes for liquid foundations

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Hi guys! Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favourite brushes that I use for my liquid foundations. A good brush is as important as a good primer. It can make your foundation look really beautiful and natural, or really smudgy and patchy. If you want to know how to avoid the look of a mask on your face, just keep reading!

You won’t see any of the flat foundation brushes in this review as I am not a fan of them. I think they don’t give me the finish I like and I really have to work hard with them to get a relatively good result. The brushes I am going to show you are my go to brushes which I have been using for the past year. They are made by one of my favourite brands Zoeva. If you haven’t heard of them yet, go to their website and check out what you are missing! But don’t be too long as I am also going to show you my little sweetheart – Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge!


Let me introduce you my number one liquid foundation brush Zoeva 104 BUFFER. This is my holy grail brush and I would die for it! The hairs on the brush are so dense, firm and soft that every time when I am applying foundation I have to stop myself from overusing it! It is very big (3.5cm diameter) which makes the whole process very quick and easy. It gives great coverage and doesn’t soak up a massive amount of the liquid. The only downside I noticed is cleaning it. I know you are not surprised as it’s always the same with all the brushes we use for liquids. It’s an absolute nightmare! However, I am definitely willing to pay the price for the results I get every morning. If you like Sigma F80 Kabuki brush, you will like Zoeva 104 BUFFER as well as they are similar. The only difference I noticed is the price: €14.80 for Zoeva and around €29.00 for Sigma. I don’t know about you but if I can get the same quality cheaper, I get it!


My second choice is Zoeva 103 DEFINED BUFFER. It is a vegan brush with an angled head. It’s a little bit smaller than the 104 BUFFER brush (2.5cm diameter) but very powerful. It helps me with applying my foundation between the eyebrows and around my eyes. It’s also a great tool to use when you want to bake your face. I usually use a couple of different foundations in the same week so I swap these brushes when I am too lazy to clean my 104 BUFFER everyday. What I also like about all Zoeva brushes is the classic, beautiful look and the handle which is just the perfect size for my hand.


Zoeva 110 FACE SHAPE and Zoeva 142 CONCEALER BUFFER come with help at the end. The first one is good for applying foundation, but because of the smaller size it takes ages to blend it out. We all know there is no spare time in the morning! I would rather stay in bed for 5 extra minutes than spend this time blending my foundation 😉 It is a good alternative though when all my other brushes are temporarily lost or dirty. This would be my no1 brush for contouring with cream products! It contours my cheekbones perfectly.


The second brush, Zoeva 142 CONCEALER BUFFER, is obviously perfect for your concealer 😀 I know this post is about foundation brushes, but concealing is also a part of preparing the base for your makeup, so I decided to share this brush with you as well. I use it for my under eye concealer and also for blending my eyeshadow primer. It works perfect for both. I use it everyday and I cannot imagine doing my makeup without it.


Last but not least, please meet my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge! Yes, I know you have heard about it already! Who didn’t? But did you fall in love with it as much as I did? I never had a chance to put my hands on the Beauty Blender although I always wanted to. I always thought that paying €23.00 for a sponge is a bit crazy! When I saw the Real Techniques Sponge in Boots for only €7.99 I had to take it home! This magic sponge has saved my life a couple of times already. You can use it to apply your foundation or just to stamp it all-over your face to make sure your foundation is flawless – this is what I do. Off course first you have to squeeze it a couple of times under cold water but I love it, it’s very refreshing!



These are all the makeup tools I use to apply my foundation and concealer. No matter what brushes you use, make sure that they do exactly what you want them to do. Do you have your favourite foundation brushes? Share them with me, I would love to check them out! Now lets have a look at all of them again..



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